Only Once In Your Life, Dear.

You Only Live Once, Too

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30 Day Hollyoaks Challenge

Day 14: Something you wish didn’t happen but did - SinBart relationship or Brendan’s imprisonment.

There are so many things that I wish didn’t happen but have still have, though the first two things that entered my head are the so called love story between Sinead and Bart, and Brendan being arrested and charged with the murder of Rae and suspected of the other killings too.

Firstly, Sinead and Bart I occasionally like. When they are seperated. I can tolerate Sinead when she is with Diane and Finn, which is so rare it occurs less times than sex does for young Duncan. Bart is a character who I like with the other McQueens, Jason and just about the rest of the older cast, just keep him away from the teen group. However, I found their relationship rather unbelievable mainly due to the fact that the day before it all occured, Bart was still in love with Jason. In fact, he was even dating Sinead when he kissed Jase in the cellar of that old farmhouse. I just don’t understand how he can suddenly be so in love with Sinead, when he was originally only with her to prove to himself and Jason that he wasn’t gay. It irritates me too how they get shoved down our throats at every oppourtunity, like we are supposed to actually CARE!. Which I certainly don’t, and I apologise to anyone who does care now.

Brendan being locked up, was something I think Hollyoaks didn’t really think through. They were going to keep one of their biggest characters, one with a very large fan base, off screen for so long. And as much as I am glad to see him on our screens at the moment in prison, it is rather obvious that Hollyoaks have scheduled these scenes in later, and just squeezed them in amongst the teen stuff this week. Its not something they thought through and it thouroghly annoyed me…

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